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Expanding Dining Table

This was a very interesting challenge. The clients had a huge old bookcase they had purchased in Thailand in the 1960s, and wanted to repurpose the wood to make a new piece of furniture. There happened to be just the right amount of wood to make them the new dining table they'd been dreaming about.

I believe it's Burmese (or Thai) Teak, but not entirely sure. Definitely the densest, most resinous wood I've ever worked with. 

Custom Walnut Mesa Pendant

This extra large Mesa Pendant is 24" in 

diameter. It maxed-out the inboard lathe capacity, and freaked me out more than once! 

Sapelle & Walnut Sideboard

This sideboard is a custom design to match the client's Slide Dining Table & Chairs that I made some years back. The ebony accents on both pieces are reclaimed from the old L'Arrivee Guitar Factory that used to be in the neighborhood.

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